Advantages of membership in the Non-Commercial Partnership

The Russian Organizing Committee (WMC ROC) is an active representative of the World Mining Congress in Russia; it participates in international events and organizes events for mining professionals. Membership in WMC ROC gives an opportunity to actively network in the industry, to propose for discussion and take part in solutions of industry issues, to use international expertise and industrial knowledge.

During regular WMC ROC meetings we also discuss experience and perspectives of new innovative coal technologies and their applications in Russia. We plan round table discussions for experts of the industry on the issues of production efficiency, investments, market dynamics, transportation, industry regulation and government support. These regular meetings are a unique possibility to establish relations with colleagues and partners in the industry worldwide.

All WMC ROC members receive:


How to become a member of the Non-Commercial Partnership

A member of the Russian Organizing Committee of the World Mining Congress and correspondingly an associate member of the Non-Commercial Partnership for Support of Mining Industry Development  can be a research (scientific) organization, an individual exporter or a commercial legal entity engaged in coal production, transportation, improvement, equipment production and supply, being coal consumers and power generating companies, steel and coke producing enterprises.

Any questions related to membership in the organization and applications for inclusion in the list of participants of the WMC Russian Organizing Committee should be sent via e-mail to