Non-Commercial Partnership for Mining Industry Development Assistance

Non-Commercial Partnership (NCP) for Support of Mining Industry Development is a business card of the Russian Organizing Committee of the World Mining Congress.

Within the framework of assistance to mining industries, the NCP plans to actively use such types of activities as scientific and technological co-operation and independent examinations in solid minerals recovery, acquisition and sharing of information in mining science, machinery, economics, labour safety and environmental protection.

The goals of the Non-Commercial Partnership consist of implementing of initiatives and conducting of events of the World Mining Congress in Russia, and broad international cooperation in estimating of the state and future development of mining industries.

The NCP represents the interests of miners across Russia in the Organizing Committee of the World Mining Congress, it consolidates the efforts of all members in the partnership targeting cooperation with other national and international organizations; attracts international experts and specialists for a wide range of research and independent examinations; organizes conferences, symposia, exhibitions and seminars in the state and development of the domestic and world mining industry; assists in participation of members and employees of the partnership in similar international events.

The NCP unites the scientific and research-and-information potential of the Mining Sciences Academy of the Russian Federation, the Coal Market Research Institute LLC, and Rosinformugol CJSC.