Consortium "Coal of Russia"

Non-Commercial Partnership for support of mining industries development is proud to announce signing of Mutual Efforts Agreement and formation of Consortium “Coal of Russia”. Besides Non-Commercial Partnership Consortium also includes such companies leaders in coal industry of Russia as CMRI, Rosinformugol and Academy of Mining Sciences of Russia.

Main goals of created Consortium are:

• Support increase of usage of coal in Russian Economy

• Support development and increase of efficiency of Russian coal industry by practical application of best world achievements in this field

• Conduct monitoring of innovative world technologies and promote science-technical cooperation in fields of coal mining and usage

• Provide opportunities for wide exchange of information in fields of mining science, technology and equipment, economics, work safety and environment protection.

• Support cross-industry, cross-regional and cross-governmental integration of coal industry enterprises

Consortium was established as an active entity playing key role in dynamical development of Russian coal industry.

Members of Consortium possess unique knowledge and databases on Russian coal industry, has wide experience of analytical, managerial and consulting roles in the industry.

Consortium “Coal of Russia” is planning to increase its activity in the future by attraction of new members, conduction of projects based on inquiries from leading companies in the industry, active participation in social activity in the industry.