International Collaboration Stimulation

One of the goals of the Russian Organizing Committee of the World Mining Congress is stimulation of international collaboration of Russian mining companies.






1. Participation in international associations:

  • The WMC Russian Organizing Committee represents the interests of the WMC World Organizing Committee in Russia thus has access to all WMC materials, contributes to WMC's events held in Russia and is an active member of its international meetings.
  • Negotiations are carried out about participation of the Non-commercial Partnership in a number of large international mining associations.

2. Assessments of advanced international practices

  • On the Chinese National Committee's invitation, the delegation from the Russian Organizing Committee visited China on October 2009. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the state-of-the-art coal technologies: underground extraction of extra-heavy beds, Coal-to-Liquid production, in-situ coal gasification, water-slurry production, transportation and burning, the newest coal-fired power-plants.

3. Foreign specialists' involvement into projects implementation at Russian mining enterprises.