The WMC background

The International Organization World Mining Congress was established when the mining industry world was divided into two camps after World War II. The key idea of the founders was to organize mutual collaboration, assistance and brotherhood among mining industry representatives, despite various difficulties.

The main contributing factor for establishing the organization was the fact that in Europe and across the world the mining industry was viewed as one of the key basis for national economic development. Coal and steel were the prevailing resources and the European Coal and Steel Association, established in 1952, actually led to formation of the real European Union.

Mining sector representatives managed to come to common ground because the first organized congresses, which started in the 1960’s, were held in such cities as Prague, Salzburg, London, Moscow, and Madrid. All these facts verify the determination of the founders of the World Mining Congress to achieve the targets set and to show professional solidarity, commitment, attention, and friendship.


Idea of organization establishment

The idea to establish the WMC appeared in Poland in 1958. It is closely connected with the name Boleslav Krypinsky, a professor from Krakow Mining and Metallurgy University, a world class mining engineer, an outstanding  organizer of economically feasible periods of fields operation, and a patriot of his country (by the way, he was a student of the  St. Petersburg Mining University).


Key form of activity

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The key activity of the World Mining Congress is organizing international congresses every 2–3 years. These have been world-class events from the very start. In addition to these congresses, there are other annual sessions gathering representatives from all member countries of this organization and operating within the framework of the World Organizing Committee.

There are also four international organizations closely related to the Congress and operating in the areas of mining mechanical engineering, mine surveying, mining aerology and recovery automation. The World Mining Congress, held in various organizing countries is a high-profile event for the international community. It is represented by scientists and other industries related to mineral resources recovery, namely: coal pits, mining equipment, manufacturers of such equipment, design organizations, state mine inspectorate authorities and others.

The same approach was followed when the milestone 21st   World Mining Congress (semi-centenary of establishment) was held in Krakow, Poland last year. The congress touched upon various issues concerning such energy resources as anthracite and lignite, iron ore, rocky materials and chemicals.



At present, primary attention is paid to the most current issues of the above-mentioned mining industries. The participants of the congresses try to follow on the mottos formulated as the basis for each meeting. The motto of the last meeting was «New mining perspectives and concepts». This motto was aimed at emphasizing that modern mining industry faces a number of global technical, economic, environmental, and social problems.

Solving of these problems requires mutual co-operation, technical knowledge and professional experience sharing and assistance to those in need. Such assistance and support is still required by the majority of developing countries.

Due to such a consistent approach, the World Mining Congress is considered the best place for meeting people connected with mining sector of economy.