Analysis of innovative coal technologies application experience in Europe

Delegation of ROC-WMC in middle December has visited European companies with the aim of detailed analysis of innovative (including clean coal) technologies application experience.

Among main objects of analysis were:

1) Innovations in coal-fired power generation, which included visit and analysis of Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle power plant of NuON in Holland, innovative lignite-fired power plant with lignite pre-drying of RWE in Germany and pilot projects of CO2 capture and sequestration in Germany and France.

2) Innovative projects of greenhouse gases sequestration. There was conducted fnalysis of major projects of CO2 capture, transportation and storage. Analysis of CO2 sequestration pprojects was conducted, including various options for CO2 utilization – storage in geological formations, usage of CO2 in chemistry, utilization in photosynthesis process with use of algae.

3) Coal-To-Liquids technologies. A serious of meetings has been conducted with such companies as Shell, Axens/IFP, Air Liquide, Total. With addition of previously conducted meetings with such companies as Sasol, Rentech and Jacobs we are proud that we had assessed all available CTL technologies including direct and indirect route, gasification technologies options, technological gases outsourcing options and international cooperation options.

4) Technologies of lignite drying, allowing to reduce moisture in lignite to max 10%.

Based on results of the visits there were created detailed reports on innovative technologies development, level of their industrial application and perspectives of implementation in Russia. These reports are available on request.